Three Tips To Consider Before Renting A Vacation Condo

It can be incredibly relaxing to take a vacation with your family and/or friends, but checking into an overcrowded hotel can really cause your excitement to fall a few notches. If you would like an alternative to a crowded, expensive hotel, you may want to consider a vacation condo, as you can get comfort and privacy at an affordable rate. Prior to looking for vacation rentals, you will want to arm yourself with some tips that will help you get the most out of your rental.

5 Key Hotel Features When You Travel Without A Vehicle

As you plan your vacation, one fundamental choice you'll have to make is how to choose the right hotel. With a plethora of choices in most vacation areas, finding just the right hotel can be a challenge. When you're traveling without your own vehicle, though, hotel choice becomes even more important. Here are five elements to help you find the right hotel when you're on foot.  1. Walkable Areas What's going on in the area around your hotel?