Enjoying a Winter Vacation

5 Key Hotel Features When You Travel Without A Vehicle

As you plan your vacation, one fundamental choice you'll have to make is how to choose the right hotel. With a plethora of choices in most vacation areas, finding just the right hotel can be a challenge. When you're traveling without your own vehicle, though, hotel choice becomes even more important. Here are five elements to help you find the right hotel when you're on foot. 

1. Walkable Areas

What's going on in the area around your hotel? Can you exit your hotel and walk to a few common destinations? A downtown hotel, for instance, should offer food, shopping, and nightlife in a walkable zone. Or you could choose a hotel within walking distance to one or more of the major sites you want to visit. The more places you can simply walk to, the easier and more efficient your trip will be. 

2. Amenities

The more you can do without leaving the property, the easier your trip will be. Look for on-site amenities you will actually need and use. For instance, ask about a shuttle to and from the airport or major tourism destinations to save money and time. Depending on your plans, you might also benefit from amenities like laundry facilities, grab-and-go food options, concierge services, or even an evening cocktail bar. 

3. Transportation Hubs

Whichever form of transportation you'll rely on should be in close proximity to and with easy, safe access from your hotel. This might mean opting for a hotel with its own subway, bus, or light rail stops nearby. Or you might look for one with access to a major transfer station for more options. If you plan to use ride-sharing, make sure your hotel is in well-frequented areas and has safe locations to wait for your ride. 

4. Meals

You'll need more than just a place to sleep. Look for good meal options in and around your hotel. Many travelers like the convenience and time savings of complementary breakfasts and on-site restaurants and cafes. If your hotel doesn't offer these themselves, make sure you can easily walk or hop a cheap ride-share to multiple dining options in the neighborhood. 

5. Safety

The safety of the neighborhood is even more important when you are on foot than when you can arrive in a vehicle. Use online maps and satellite images to check out the neighborhood. Imagine yourself doing things like finding local restaurants or arriving after dark. Ask management about their safety measures. And read reviews with an eye to how other travelers feel about the hotel's safety. 

When you focus on what you need to enjoy an efficient, comfortable, and safe trip without your vehicle, the right hotel will become clear as you shop around. Learn more by touring hotel properties virtually at your destination today.