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Benefits Of Booking An Entire Wedding Venue To Yourself

While there are many wedding venues that are designed to accommodate one event at a time, there are others that are large enough that multiple events can take place concurrently. At these venues, there might be a wedding occurring in one ballroom, with another wedding or perhaps a corporate event running in a room elsewhere in the building. If you're leaning toward booking a venue that is large enough to accommodate multiple events, you may wish to inquire about booking the entire venue for yourself. This is often possible to do, and doing so offers these benefits for your big day.

More Privacy

You might like the idea of having the entire wedding venue for your event, rather than sharing it with another group because of the privacy that this allows. While some people would welcome the idea of running into new people in the lobby and other common areas of the venue, you might not feel this way. Perhaps you're a highly private person, or maybe you're a public figure in your area, and you don't want people to recognize you on an important personal day. Booking the venue so that your wedding is the only event taking place will ensure your privacy.

Less Crowded

Proceeding in this manner can also result in the venue being less crowded than it might otherwise feel. With only your wedding taking place, you may find that many indoor and outdoor areas are less crowded. The parking lot should have fewer vehicles, allowing your guests to park with ease, while areas such as the venue's bathrooms shouldn't have lineups to use. The result can be a venue that feels more spacious and welcoming to your wedding guests, which can help to create the vibe that you want people to experience.


Although you might not always hear another event taking place, if the venue is large enough that the other event is occurring a distance from your wedding, booking the entire venue is the best way to ensure that the entire area is quiet. Some people favor having a quiet, intimate ceremony and may even plan their reception to be on the quiet side. If you belong to this group, you don't want to worry about hearing another group's music or occasional loud voices — especially during critical moments of your wedding, such as the vows.

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