3 Reasons To Skip L.A. And Drive North For Your Summer Vacation Instead

When most people think about visiting the gorgeous waters of the Pacific Ocean, they usually think of Southern California. And while the beaches around Los Angeles have a lot to offer, so do the areas north. Here are 3 great reasons to spend your next summer vacation farther afield. Save Money The most popular tourist destinations usually come with a high price tag, and that can be very true of many vacation destinations around the beaches of L. [Read More]

Surf Tips For Beginners

Surfing is a thrilling and exciting sport to learn. The first time you get up on a board and ride your first wave, can be a big moment, no matter how high big the wave or how long you rode it. it's an exciting achievement. Getting there though takes time, patience, and effort on your part. There are some things you should know before running out to buy a surfboard if you've never tried it before. [Read More]

Shhh… Tips For Dealing With Noisy Neighbors At A Hotel

If you find yourself being awoken by noises, sounds, or disruptions from neighbors at a hotel, think before you act. Since you really have no idea who you might be dealing with, there are some recommended responses to these scenarios that will be effective, while not putting you in harm's way. Don't stew on the issue; respond promptly and courteously so that you can get back to your bed and get a good night's rest. [Read More]

Renting An Apartment With An Emotional Support Or Service Animal

Are you attempting to rent an apartment with an emotional support or service animal? There are things that you're going to have to know before you begin sending applications to apartment rental companies. Renting an apartment with an ESA (emotional support animal) or SA (service animal) is more than possible, but there are some complications. Emotional Support and Service Animals Are Different In the eyes of the law, an ESA is generally considered to be a pet. [Read More]