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Things to Check Before Booking a Hotel With a Meeting Space

If you are going to host an out-of-town conference or business meeting, then it makes sense to have your people stay in a hotel with a conference or meeting room. This way, nobody has to leave the building and secure transportation to attend. There are plenty of hotels that have meeting rooms, but they're not all the same. Here are some things you should check before booking a hotel with a meeting space.

1. Does it come equipped with all the necessary electronics?

Chances are, you're going to need a projector and a screen for your meeting. You may also need a sound system and speakers. Look for a hotel that has all of this equipment so that you're not forced to bring it along yourself. It can be complicated and expensive to bring all of these electronics on a plane. Also, talk to the hotel staff and confirm that any equipment they do have is compatible with the computer or tablet you might bring along to run the meeting.

2. Does the hotel have an onsite catering service or a caterer they work with?

If your people are going to stay inside the hotel and spend their days in meetings or a conference, then you need to make sure they're all fed. You don't want people to have to leave the hotel for lunch and then come back. Some hotels with meeting rooms have an onsite catering service that will provide lunch for everyone. Other hotels work closely with a certain catering service that can similarly serve your people. Avoid booking a hotel meeting room without knowing whether there's easy catering access.

3. How many meeting rooms are available, and are the other ones booked?

You may want to avoid booking a hotel with a meeting room if the hotel has numerous meeting rooms and all of the others are also booked. This can lead to a really busy hotel with a lot of noise in the halls, which might interfere with your guests' ability to concentrate during the meeting or conference. A hotel with a single meeting room or even two of them is often a better choice if you expect quiet.

The tips above can be really helpful as you or your team book a hotel with a meeting room. Look for a hotel that has the right electronics, just one or two meeting rooms, and catering options.