Enjoying a Winter Vacation

The Questions To Ask Before You Choose An Extended Stay Hotel

Why should you choose an extended stay hotel? If you're not sure whether you need a traditional room, a short-term rental, or this option, take a look at the questions to ask before you book an extended stay room?

Do You Have an Extended Stay?

As the name says, these rooms are meant for guests who have an extended (or longer term) stay. A weekend getaway or overnight business trip typically wouldn't require this option. But a week-long vacation or a multiple-night work stay might.

Do You Need Flexibility?

Longer-term work trips, family obligations, and other similar situations often require extended accommodations. What happens when you have week- or month-long trip planned, but need to come and go? You need an option that has plenty of flexibility.

A short-term lease typically isn't flexible enough to leave for a few days or week at a time—without having to pay for the time spent away. If you need to come and go, a hotel with extended stay options allows you to pay for the nights you use or leave on short notice. You won't need to worry that you'll break a lease or lose money on time spent away.

Did You Plan a Family Trip?

How can families benefit from an extended stay choice? These often come with amenities a traditional hotel room wouldn't. If you have children, your own kitchen/kitchenette and living space can make a longer vacation easier on everyone.

Not only can you prepare impromptu snacks in the kitchen space, but you can also save money on meals. Skip the added costs of restaurants (including the meals, tips, transportation, parking, and other expenses), bring your own food, and make breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the kids in your room.

Do You Need a Furnished Space?

A short-term lease may not give you the furnished space you need for your business trip or other extended stay. A hotel option gives you the amenities and furnishings of a home, without the added cost of buying these items yourself.

Are You on a Budget?

Your budget may dictate where you choose to stay. While extended option hotels and short-term leases may have equally competitive pricing, both are typically less than a traditional hotel/motel room when it comes to long-term stays.

If you've ruled out traditional night-to-night rooms and you're not sure whether an extended stay or lease option is right for your budget, factor in additional costs. These may include utilities, maintenance fees, parking, or WiFi.

Whether work, a family obligation, or an adventure-filled getaway take you out of town for days or weeks, an extended stay hotel can save you money, time, and headaches.