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3 Reasons To Skip L.A. And Drive North For Your Summer Vacation Instead

When most people think about visiting the gorgeous waters of the Pacific Ocean, they usually think of Southern California. And while the beaches around Los Angeles have a lot to offer, so do the areas north. Here are 3 great reasons to spend your next summer vacation farther afield.

Save Money

The most popular tourist destinations usually come with a high price tag, and that can be very true of many vacation destinations around the beaches of L.A. or San Diego. But you can save a lot of money for a great ocean experience in the San Francisco area or Oregon. Look for magnificent views at San Francisco's Baker Beach or Cannon Beach in Oregon. Check out hidden havens for surfing on the Lost Coast of California.  And since oceanfront rooms in many of these smaller areas come at a fraction of the cost, you might be able to stay closer to the action as well. For a family on a budget, these savings mean you can do more as a family and maybe even enjoy a longer vacation. 

Find Great Activities

All along the Northern California and Pacific Northwest coasts, you can find lots of fun things your whole family will love. Many small towns like Brookings or Cannon Beach take advantage of good winds to hold kite flying festivals. You can get up close and personal with great marine creatures at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Hike among the ancient and amazing Redwoods north of Crescent City, California. Ride on a trolley car in San Francisco. And be sure to head out for a whale watching cruise at Coos Bay or Newport, Oregon after marveling at the sea lions hanging out around real fishing boats. 

Have Less Stress

When the vacation crowds are headed south, heading north will result in a much calmer and quieter family vacation. Wake up in an oceanfront room where you can actually hear the majestic waves rather than the boom of traffic and tourists. You'll find restaurants easier to get into, smaller boardwalks with fun local stores, faster parking for less money, and easy-to-use viewpoints to look for wildlife. There are large and convenient international airports to choose from all along your travel path as well as all the other amenities modern travelers need. 

No matter what your family wants to do at the beach during your summer vacation, you can find fantastic ways to do it for much less money and stress by skipping Southern California and heading north instead.