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RV Park Tips All Campers Should Know

If you have an RV and you love to camp at various parks throughout the country, each location has its own set of unique features that make it special. For drivers of RVs, camping can be a lot of fun and a true learning experience. Before you head out to your next destination, follow these helpful tips to make your stay at the RV park more pleasant for everyone.

Using Water Hookups

Most RV camps have water access hookups available so you can cook and take a shower. When you go to hook up your water, turn on the water for a few seconds before you attach the hose. This will allow any rust and leftover debris to be flushed out before it gets to your water supply. A sediment filter can be used that is attached between the spigot and your hose that will provide another layer of filtration. If you're camping in the Southwest, be aware that the water quality is much different than other regions. A charcoal water filtration system can help filter out sand and sediment for cleaner water use.

Weigh And Measure

Before you head out on any RV camping excursion, it's important to know the weight and height of your personal RV. It's not hard to overload your RV as you add things like camping gear and bicycles. Weigh every corner to make sure the load will be properly balanced. If you are attaching a trailer, make sure that it matches the correct weight ratio to make driving and turning safer. Most RV campgrounds have a weigh station, so it's important that you are sure yours will be under or at the weight limit. Measure the height of your RV as well so you can be sure it will fit safely under bridges and building canopies. 

Find A Great Location

There are plenty of official RV camping grounds all over the United States, but you can also use public lands to camp out on. If you want to go on adventure that's off the beaten path, look for areas to camp in many of the nation's national parks that are away from the busy RV parks. Do your homework and look for places you've never been before like Yellowstone or the beautiful deserts of the Southwest. RV travel is an adventure, and you'll be surprised at some of the beautiful places you can stay that are less traditional than the standard RV campgrounds. Get out there and explore the country in your RV and enjoy your next camping experience.